Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Reverse key

We know that we stick to the Earth,with the help of gravity but what if gravity didn’t exist.What would you do ?
  • I would tie something heavy to myself so I could never float.
  • I would put on my gravity shoes/I would put on my gravity suit.      
  • Float to the moon.
  • Pretend to fly like a bird.
  • Float next to the clouds .
  • Float everywhere.
  • I would build a gravity tank
  • Wear gravity helmet.
  • Build a rocket to not float.
  • Tie a house to my hand.    
  • Stick myself to a car roof
  • Hold onto the tree.
  • Run away.
  • Fly out to out of space
  • Hold on to a kite
  • Move to Tonga


  1. Hi senitilai that is a very good work


  2. Hi senitilai this is good work and till me to don't folt away.